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Nest Of Gold Mixed Media Artwork
Oil Painting on Canvas Shake It Off

Artist Statement


Those moments when I tap into an inner "knowing" of either deep calm, beautiful peace, or an exuberance of magical, transporting joy - an experience that cracks me open to the very core of my being that reminds me that I am ALIVE - those moments that connect me to something beyond my small self and electrify my senses to a level too raw to sustain, but keep me yearning for more...These are the glimpses of exquisite BEAUTY, of pure LOVE, of POTENTIAL, AWE, and ephemeral SPIRIT that inspire my work.


These moments are the source of my creativity, how it all gets started, because I cannot possibly contain the intensity of the experience and it spills over into inspirations in a kind of insistence, a desperation to be shared ultimately in artistic expression. They become poetic paintings and insights translated onto canvas, or into mixed media pieces, or glass, or mosaics, all in an effort to free-flow out what cannot remain bound in my being.

Waves Painting Acrylic

Get in Touch

KD Morris Art is a working studio and gallery offering original mixed media artwork, art prints and reproductions, and private art classes. Partner with me to create a custom work of art, peruse my collection of original artwork and prints, or book me for private drawing or painting lessons. I look forward to connecting with you!

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